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Archaeology Evening, North Somerset

Residents from Banwell and surrounding villages were invited to an evening presentation to hear about the exciting finds unearthed to the North of a Roman Villa during Bristol Water’s Mains Refurbishment Scheme of the Hutton to Banwell Water Pipeline.

The pipeline easement and trenching crossed streams, small roads and the M5 motorway and ended at a covered reservoir to the south west of Hutton.

The event was organised by Border Archaeology on behalf of Bristol Water and included a presentation by Border Staff followed by an opportunity to look at a selection of artefacts recovered from the locality:

  • Waterlogged Late Bronze Age levels with occupation remains including bronze working waste, coal, bone, wood and shale artefacts
  • Wooden stakes marking a pathway through the marsh of both late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age periods
  • A substantial 1st to 2nd AD century enclosure
  • 1st century AD tool marks and a human footprint
  • Ritual pottery burials of the 3rd to 4th century AD
  • Roman buildings, roads, cemetery and artefacts
  • Evidence of Roman lead working
  • Roman ditches and boundary changes
  • A late 4th /early 5th century AD inundation episode

Due to  popular demand and fantastic feedback we were asked to host this event twice  for those residents we were unable to seat on the first evening.