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Lyndsey Clark BSc ACIfA

Director: Regional Site Operations

Lyndsey studied Archaeology at Bournemouth University, completing a dissertation investigating health statuses in past populations through the examination of stress markers on human remains. From 2006 to 2012, Lyndsey worked on a wide variety of projects in Ireland, ranging from small-scale impact assessments to some of the largest road schemes ever carried out in the country. She was also involved in many post-excavation projects and contributed to monograph publications on various schemes.

Lyndsey has worked for Border Archaeology since 2013 and as a Senior Site Manager based in Milton Keynes, she oversees the excavation and recording of fieldwork and is currently involved with the post-excavation report writing for completed field projects. Lyndsey’s research interests include the method and techniques of archaeological practice and human osteology, specifically health and disease in past populations.