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Milton Keynes

Over the last few years, we have worked within Milton Keynes on part of its urban expansion programme.​

Comprising residential, commercial and associated infrastructure development, this phased programme on both sides of the town has released land for development consistent with project timelines.

Tightly controlled procurement of plant hire and drivers has ensured a continual and efficient programme of supervised machine stripping to reveal and record an extensive Iron Age / Romano-British landscape.

This rolling programme has required multi-site accommodation for staff archaeologists and 24 hour security & surveillance to protect the site.

Our on-site Paleoenvironmental and Finds Processing Unit together with our human bone specialists have assisted the timely resolution of archaeological issues to keep this development on track.

Our constructive dialogue with Milton Keynes Council and a carefully co-ordinated programme of Public Engagement have also been key in maintaining long-term programme timetables.


Resolution of archaeological issues to timeline.


Project Details


Major developer


Housing/Commercial Development


Trial Trenching/ Archaeological Evaluation; Archaeological Excavation; Onsite Palaeoenvironmental Science; Onsite Osteology; Onsite Finds Assessment; Public Engagement; 24 hour security & surveillance

Key Points

  • Large scale urban expansion
  • Extensive Iron Age / Romano-British landscape
  • Onsite  processing and advice
  • Rolling programme of Public Engagement
  • Resolution of archaeological issues to timeline