Historic Landscape Assessment, Gwent Levels

Historic Landscape Assessment was undertaken for Natural Resources Wales of two proposed wind turbines within the sensitive Gwent Levels Historic Landscape.

Working in partnership with Natural Resources Wales, our research experts assessed the level of potential impact of the proposed turbines on the Historic Landscape Character Area of Caldicot Moor. This Area forms part of a rare fen-edge landscape of substantial amenity value which potentially contains important buried archaeology.


In Brief

Client: Natural Resources Wales Sector: Renewables; Wind Services:

Historic Landscape Assessment

Location: Gwent Levels Historic Landscape.

Key Points

Proposed site of wind turbinesSite located within the Gwent Levels Landscape of Outstanding Historic InterestImpact Assessment Working for Natural Resources Wales


We were able to conclude based on detailed research and analysis consistent with advice contained in Planning Policy Wales that the proposal could potentially reduce the value of this rich multi-period landscape of national importance and ‘call-in’ for determination by the Secretary of State.