Archaeology FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions we regularly get asked which we’ll update on a regular basis as others are asked of us throughout 2021

What is meant by the term Archaeology?

In its broadest sense, it’s the study of human history and earlier pre-history through the research & excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains obtained where appropriate from them.

Why protect and preserve archaeological remains and material?

In simple terms, they are an irreplaceable link to our collective human past and their protection is part of a national & international agreed consensus as to the value to so do in the common good.

Who pays for the associated costs?

Essentially, the persons or organisation impacting the archaeological site.

Are there different types of planning condition relating to archaeology?

Yes, there are and it’s very important to read them carefully and consult your local planning officer if you require clarification.

Will the archaeological planning condition cause a delay to my project?

Yes but not necessarily that significant if actioned early. The converse is also true – leaving getting the condition’s details resolved will definitely be more costly both in terms of time and money since as, in life generally, retroaction is never easy.