Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Company’s business model reflects a commitment to ethical work practices and to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We recognise the importance of creating shared value and acknowledge the interdependence of commercial success and community wellbeing.

We acknowledge our responsibilities to stakeholders and affirm our commitment to managing environmental impacts effectively.

We strive for equality of access in staff recruitment, selection, training, promotion and retention, and for equal opportunity for a positive work experience and environment. We operate a Personal Development Planning Scheme consistent with professional standards, both to develop staff potential and to enhance Company performance.

We aim to provide opportunities for non-professionals to participate in archaeological projects, where appropriate and with the prior agreement of client/funding body. The company affirms the positive contribution made by work-experience volunteers while undertaking to ensure, through adequate trained supervision, that such involvement does not compromise professional or safety standards.

We sponsor local and national charities and promote public engagement through a programme of community events which fully support our clients in their commitment to connect local communities to heritage assets. We believe this, in turn, helps to enhance public perception and strengthen protection of the historic environment.

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