Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA)

What is it?

A Local Authority may request an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA), sometimes known as an Historic Environment DBA, in response to a planning application where additional information is required before a decision is made.

The DBA will specifically assess the potential and significance of the archaeological (i.e. buried) resource within a site.

A DBA may also be commissioned by a client in advance of land purchase or planning application to assess the archaeological implications of a site.

In all cases, an assessment will indicate the likelihood and level of heritage constraints that may arise within the proposed development.


What does an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment (DBA) involve?

An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment is a Heritage report. Our highly experienced Heritage Consultants will quickly consult historic archives, assess and identify heritage constraints, and submit the information in a report to the client.

Available and relevant information included within the report may include the following:

– Consultation of the local Historic Environment Record (HER)

– Targeted documentary research consulting available and relevant historic maps and documents

– Site visit to identify potential archaeology within the site (if visible)

– Assessment of identified archaeological assets within the site

– Recommendations for further work if necessary and appropriate

What Happens Next?

The DBA is submitted with other planning documentation and based on the response from the local council, a further programme of fieldwork may be required (or not, as the case may be).

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