Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA)

What is a Conservation Area Appraisal?

Broadly speaking, a Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) comprises an assessment of the Heritage significance of a specific locale or district based on Historic England criteria and guidance.

A CAA is usually requested by a local district council or county council, although occasionally they are commissioned by a national Heritage organisation, such as Historic England or The National Trust.


What does it involve?

The CAA assesses the significance of the Conservation Area and describes its development over time. It also describes and assesses the relative importance of those Listed buildings and non-designated assets within the Conservation Area and how they contribute to the overall significance of the Conservation Area and its setting.

Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) will usually be based on a detailed photographic survey of the study area and informed by consultation of relevant sources of archaeological and historical information including readily available historic maps and documents, the local Historic Environment Record and the National Heritage List for England.

What Happens Next?

The Conservation Area Appraisal will appear on the relevant council’s planning website and will help inform archaeological and built heritage planning decisions within the specific Conservation Area.

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