Heritage FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions we regularly get asked which we’ll update on a regular basis as others are asked of us throughout 2021

Listed below are the relevant questions most frequently asked of us by customers and general enquirers when confronted by a planning requirement or early advice from professional advisers such as architects or planners..

Heritage Statement
A Heritage Statement is a specialist assessment of the intrinsic historical and archaeological values of a site or building or development land. The nature, scope and level of detail required will vary considerably but should not be confused with, for example, a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) which is a very much more specific and specialist activity measuring data against requisite criteria.

Confusingly, some – but not all by any means – LPA requirements now include a HIA element within a Heritage Statement.

Other types/names of Heritage related documents

NB: Each of these having varying qualifying criteria and should be undertaken by an appropriately qualified/experienced organisation or person.

UK Areas covered
We have provided Heritage and Archaeology services throughout England and Wales since 1997.

Statement delivery times
4-6 weeks, this allowing for the requisite acquisition of LPA historic data.

How best to proceed
Experience over the last 24 years has repeatedly demonstrated the common sense of engaging with us at the outset of considering development or refurbishment. It saves time and money.