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Clock this!

16 October 2017

Within days of joining our Milton Keynes Finds Processing Team Shaun Higgins has re-designed the face of an old clock he found in his garage

“We needed a new clock in our Finds Processing room”, explained Shaun “and I’m always ready for a bit of up-cycling! This clock had a damaged paper face so using Photoshop (and with tongue in cheek) I designed our Enviro-clock!”

Made from high quality plastic the clock is embellished with the newly designed coat of arms for the ‘Ancient Order of Finds Processors’.

Taking centre stage is the all-important basin of water, flanked by two toothbrushes always at the ready. Crossed bones and a samian pot are the crowning glory.

With his feet firmly on the ground Shaun is not expecting the College of Arms to snap up his design…

“We work hard and we have a good laugh” said Shaun “There’s a great team spirit here and I enjoyed bringing something to the party…..”

Thank you Shaun. Ticks all the right boxes!