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“Rotten Romans” at Pembridge CEVA Primary School

28 February 2017

On Friday, Emma Hardy our Post-ex and Archiving Manager in Leominster, addressed Class 3 (7-9 year olds) at Pembridge CEVA Primary School

The children have spent this term studying the Romans and were thrilled to see items excavated “locally” by Border Archaeology.

Artefacts from both Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, including Samian Ware imported from Southern Gaul and fragments of amphorae helped tell the story of how exotic foods and drink could be enjoyed in these regions.

 Other artefacts included a quern stone for grinding corn, Cu fibula (copper dress brooch) and hair pin for personal adornment (Wilf Hardy can be seen holding the brooch in the photo with the stone in the foreground).

Engaging the children throughout, Emma explored how pottery sherds, coins, human remains and environmental archaeology can create a picture of what Roman life was like, including the types of parasites they may have suffered from.

 Well done Emma on a thoroughly engaging “talk”.

"This is the best lesson ever!" was one of the comments passed on to the BA staff. Several children expressed a desire to go home and see what they could find on their farms.

A new generation of archaeologists is inspired!