Archaeological Excavation, Oakdown Farm

28th March 2022

During last winter Border Archaeology undertook some archaeological excavation work at Dummer, just outside Basingstoke, during the course of a planning application. They revealed a small area of Bronze Age activity, possibly a field corner or partial enclosure within which were some pits one of which contained sherds from about seven pottery jars dating it to about 800 to 600 BC. It may have been a cremation burial site, but there was no cremated bone just plenty of burnt material, so this possible interpretation must remain uncertain. Also within that area was a gully that produced sherds of Fengate Peterborough ware, of Neolithic or Early Bronze Age date. The evidence found does not suggest settlement or domestic activity and whatever activity was carried out was away from any domestic centre. It may have been related to burial although no direct evidence of human remains was found, or possibly it may have been a small camp or activity area associated with wider farming or exploitation in the area

Photographs and plans courtesy of Border Archaeology (sketches by David)

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