Lockdown Projects – Flo

16th February 2021

Good afternoon

We have been busy and are still busy 🙂 Beside helping my neighbour fixing the pot-holes we had some other projects.

As if Covid 19 wasn’t enough, in late December the chicken flu came to England and we had to build a chicken run to keep our chickens safe from wild birds. That was our first lockdown project. The plan for the chicken run was sent by email from my dad, he’s an engineer :-))

After the chickens were safe, we wanted to do something about our compost. The old composter we had was made of plastic and started falling apart, so I’ve built one with wooden pallets.

In January Katrina showed me an article in The Week about how to cure and smoke salmon. I was totally fascinated by the idea and gave it a try. The result was stunning!

And sometimes when you start with something you want more and in our case, sausages! Those are our first home made sausages, they are like Salami and they’re actually currently in the smoking chamber. The next thing is dry cured and smoked bacon 🙂

These are our lockdown projects so far.