Archaeological Field Evaluation (Trial Trenching), Gloucestershire

Archaeological Field Evaluation (Trial Trenching) undertaken for Upper Wick Solar Farm Ltd prior to solar energy development at Upper Wick.

In Brief

Client: Solar Farm Sector: Renewables; Solar Services:

Archaeological Evaluation (Trial Trenching); Post-Excavation Assessment

Location: Upper Wick. Dursley, Gloucestershire

Key Points

  • Proposed site for solar energy farm
  • Evaluation area of 255881m²
  • 5100m² of trial trenching targeting features highlighted in previous geophysical survey
  • No evidence of 15th - century battlefield site. Alignment of known Roman road identified


Targeting features revealed by previous geophysical survey 85 trenches were opened to investigate the survival of any evidence relating to a known Roman road and 15th –century battlefield site. Trenches of 30m × 2m were opened representing 2 per cent of the site to inform mitigation prior to Planning Permission being granted by Stroud District Council.

No evidence was revealed of the Battle of Nibley Green fought in 1470 between 2 private armies. Evidence of the Roman road was recorded in 5 trenches.


Archaeological Planning Condition Discharged