Archaeological Field Evaluation (Trial Trenching), Oxfordshire

Programme of Archaeological Works required as part of a Pre-Application process in advance of proposed Food Store.

The site lay to the SW of the historic core of the Anglo-Saxon fortified settlement of Wallingford. Whilst we identified significant evidence of later prehistoric and Roman activity in the immediate vicinity of the site and its wider surroundings, our subsequent Evaluation revealed nothing of archaeological significance within the footprint of the development.




In Brief

Client: Lidl GmbH Sector: Construction/Housebuilding/Commercial Development Services:

Written Scheme of Investigation/WSI; Archaeological Field Evaluation (Trial Trenching)/ Rapid Appraisal

Location: Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Key Points

Rapid Appraisal of documentary evidence required and deliveredSubsequent Evaluation revealed nothing of archaeological significance


No mitigation required and land released to Lidl GmbH for development