Historic Building Recording (Survey), Gloucester

Continuing our strong tradition of working within Gloucester, we carried out Archaeological Standing Building Recording of a range of late 19th and 20th century factory buildings occupied latterly by the Norville Optical Co Ltd.

In Brief

Client: Construction Company Sector: Historic Buildings; Built Heritage; Conservation Services:

Historic Building Recording (Survey), Archaeological Standing Building Recording;
Architectural Analysis; Documentary Research

Location: Former Norville Works, Gloucester

Key Points

  • Historic England Recording Levels 2 & 4 specified in view of site complexity
  • Detailed evolution from 19th Century workshop to 20th Century industrial site
  • Provision of Information Boards to commemorate site


Combining detailed documentary research and architectural analysis, our Team reconstructed the development of the site from 1885 manufactory of patent stepladders through the early decades of the 20th century, when it was considered to be in the vanguard of industrial design, to wartime requisitioning for aircraft production and beyond

Related Planning Condition discharged, land released for development and information boards provided as requested by Gloucester City Council to commemorate this site.


Related Planning Condition discharged and land released for development