Watching Brief (Archaeological Observation) Shrewsbury

On behalf of a house builder we undertook a Watching Brief (Archaeological Observation) of groundworks and Structural Recording relating to a new road, 53 flats, 39 residential units and 2 retail units.

In Brief

Client: House Builder Sector: Housing & Commercial Development (Residential) Services:

Watching Brief (Archaeological Observation); Structural Recording; Post-Excavation Assessment

Location: St Julian's Friars Shrewsbury

Key Points

  • Housing Development
  • 53 flats, 39 residential units, 2 retail units and a new road
  • Structural recording of the 13th century town wall revealed considerable post-medieval repair
  • Beyond the wall, no pre-19th century deposits were encountered


Excavation and piling operations were carried out under Archaeological Observation either side of a surviving section of the 13th century town wall. A bridge was proposed to mitigate any impact of the new road on the medieval remains.

Detailed drawn and photographic recording of the wall revealed considerable post-medieval repairs and underpinning.

The masonry also showed evidence of earlier impact with much of its upper section damaged or missing.

19th century cellarage and 19th/20th century demolition rubble had clearly impacted heavily upon any earlier below ground deposits.


Archaeological Planning Conditions discharged