Welsh Battlefields Survey

Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment on behalf of Cadw forming part of the Welsh Battlefields Project Pilot Study.

In Brief

Client: Cadw Sector: Built Heritage Services:

Historic Landscape Assessment; Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment; Battlefield Survey

Location: Welsh Battlefields

Key Points

  • Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and survey of 14 battle sites in Wales, forming part of the Cadw Welsh Battlefields Project
  • Comprehensive gazetteer detailing site-based evidence
  • Assessment of significance for each battlefield site within its historical context


Fourteen individual battle sites were studied in order to provide detailed advice informing their depiction on Ordnance Survey mapping. A detailed account of each battle and its historic terrain informed the assessment of historical significance.

The Research Team assessed national and regional archaeological databases, original documents and maps together with other relevant sources of information

Consistent with Cadw requirements, a comprehensive gazetteer of detailed evidence for each battlefield site was combined with an assessment of its significance within the historical context


The report contained a comprehensive gazetteer detailing the evidence for each individual battle site, derived from documentary, cartographic and pictorial sources, both published and unpublished, with an assessment of the significance of each individual battle within its historical context.