Quita Mould

BA (Hons) MA
Archaeological Metal and Leatherwork Specialist

Quita Mould has a BA Hons degree in Archaeology and Geography from Southampton University and an MA in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, London University. Having worked for the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England and English Heritage at the beginning of her career, she has been a freelance archaeological finds specialist since 1981 and a Director of Barbican Research Associates since 2000. She provides assessments, analyses and publication reports on both archaeological leather and metal finds of all periods. She has reported on assemblages from all over the United Kingdom and further afield for archaeological units, museums and other national heritage organisations, contributed to numerous site reports and multi-author volumes, edited conference papers and has been one of the principal authors of Guidelines on the X-radiography of archaeological metalwork and Waterlogged Organic Artefacts: Guidelines on their recovery, analysis and conservation for English Heritage.

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