Flora, Fauna and Border Endeavour

6th February 2020
Megan Wins First Prize!

Congratulations to Megan Scantlebury who wins this month’s Shutterbox competition with her pic ” Flora, Fauna and Border Endeavour”.

Megan is Team Leader of our Milton Keynes Palaeoenvironmental Dept and she wins £20.00.

This is her ‘story’:

“My colleague and I visited Fort Cumberland to use Historic England’s archaeobotanical reference collections. They also house a zooarchaeological collection, a fraction of which has been snapped in the photo.”

Fully supported by Border Archaeology, Megan and a colleague attended Fort Cumberland during a scheduled open day for specialists in the commercial sector to compare their troublesome specimens and receive expert guidance from the Historic England specialists.

“I was stumped over some of the weed taxa in a recent assemblage and my time spent at Fort Cumberland helped resolve a particularly tricky ID. We discovered the seed had, in fact, been distorted by insect damage.”

Housed within a star-shaped fort at the mouth of Portsmouth harbour, the dramatic setting for Historic England’s Heritage Science Department provided the perfect backdrop for a worthwhile and engaging day out.

Joint Second Prize

Congratulations are also due to Lucy McClay and Briannie Price who win joint second prize with their respective pics, “I may have set the dumpy up too high….Sorry Emily!” and “Sunrise en Route to Work”.

Both Lucy and Briannie are members of our MK Field Archaeology Team.

Thank you to all those who entered.

The next deadline is February 29th.