Archaeological Field Evaluation, (Trial Trenching), Northamptonshire

Archaeological Field Evaluation for Gaultney Solar Park Ltd, prior to solar farm development

4 fields were evaluated with 50 trenches opened. Trench location was determined by the results of a previous geophysical survey.

Significant remains of a moderately sized, early Romano-British enclosure were uncovered in the fourth field which appears to have occupied the site of a small late Iron Age settlement. Possible late Romano-British agricultural activity was also recorded as well as 19th century ironstone quarries.

In Brief

Client: Gaultney Solar Park Ltd Sector: Renewables: Solar Services:

Trial Trenching (Archaeological Evaluation) ; Post-Excavation Assessment

Location: Nr Kettering, Northamptonshire

Key Points

Proposed site of solar farmEvaluation area measuring 47.3ha50 trenchesTrench location informed by geophysical survey resultsEvidence of Romano-British settlement and 19th -century quarrying


Archaeological Planning Condition Discharged