Roman Interment, Leintwardine

13th June 2016

These included the remains of a 25-40 year old adult and may have formed part of a larger roadside cemetery on the outskirts of the small Roman town known as Bravonium. 

The ceremony was carried out with due reverence in the parish church of St Mary Magdalene by Reverend Mike Catling followed by a Latin dedication by Neil Shurety, Founder of Border Arcahaeology:

“Hodie, hic convenimus ad celebrandum translationem vestrum et animas obscuras vos salutamus et volumus benedictionem Dei nostri.”
(Today we are gathered here to commemorate your reburial and, unknown souls, we salute you and wish you our God’s blessing)

“Thank you for a special’ and moving service. It is incredibly important for us villagers to be able to commemorate the earliest residents of Leintwardine.”

“ ….very meaningful to link our lives across the years in this manner – thank you so much”