Single Use Plastic Policy 2024

12th February 2024

Plastic pollution is a well-publicised and pressing environmental issue that affects all areas of our world.

Border Archaeology is committed to reducing its environmental impact as much as possible and has implemented various measures to address the use of single-use plastic both within the business and our supply chain.

These measures include:

  • Removal of plastic cutlery, plates and cups from all of our offices and sites
  • Provision of re-usable and refillable water bottles for on-site work
  • Purchase of local and sustainable office supplies, prioritising those that can be refilled or restocked without the need for extra packaging
  • Provision of recycling points throughout the office
  • Purchase of communal food and drink through suppliers that promote sustainable practices such as milk in glass bottles and fruit in boxes
  • Guidance for all employees around best practices in sustainability
  • Reducing the use of plastic finds bags by retrieving artefactual material in reusable sample buckets (where appropriate) and reusing finds bags for archiving

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis and is updated to reflect government guidelines regarding plastic use and recycling.